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Trees play a key aesthetic importance for any home or facility. So are your trees well maintained? If not, trust Shepherds Tree Service to make sure trees in your landscape are kept neat and short.  Shepherds Tree Service features a selection of world-class services for tree care. We offer it to clients in Mountain Home, AR to help them achieve the best results possible in a timely and effective approach.

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Certified Tree Arborist
License: MI-4033A from ISA (International Society Of Arboriculture)

Pruning of crownShepherds Tree Service has been a premiere tree contractor, offering services in Mountain Home, AR for the past 30 years. We provide our customers with unique and useful tree services for every type of need. Our customers are our best resource for new business and their satisfaction is our top priority. At Shepherds Tree Service, we pride ourselves in our quality service and attention to detail. Our experienced tree specialists strive to provide efficient and comprehensive services while using the latest technology available.

At Shepherds Tree Service we recognize that trees are essential in not only the look of a landscape, but the atmosphere in the entire property. Green landscapes with well maintained trees always carry that unique vibe that will make you feel relaxed even after the longest day at work. We, as a top tree services care provider take the time to evaluate the overall health of a tree and determine the best care for it . In some cases we even recommend and provide tree removal and stump grinding, although in other situations we may recommend unique pruning and support system solutions.

by Scott and Leslie on Shepherds Tree Service

I want to thank you for the outstanding tree pruning and removal work you did for us. We were especially impressed by the extra time and effort you put into grinding existing tree stumps and removing dead trees and bushes that were not within our original scope of work. Shepherds Tree Service exceeded our expectations. Our yard looks so much better than before their crew arrived! We would be delighted to provide references to prospective customers if needed.

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tree removalTrees are an important part of your landscape plan. Properly cared for, they can add value to your home and bolster your home’s appearance. While some homeowners might assume that trimming trees is a simple task, a good tree trimming service is the best way to care for them. Taking care of the trees in your property and maintaining them regularly means that you have to put in a lot of time and labor, resources you cannot afford to lose if you already have a busy schedule. For this reason, we encourage clients in Mountain Home, AR to use our services. Practically, it’s all about planning and preparing for the task. Shepherds Tree Service is well experienced and has mastered both traditional and modern techniques for tree care. We are absolutely certain that you will not find a service cheaper and better than ours. The prices we offer are unbeatable and the same can be said for our service speeds and performance. Our professional staff can ensure you that after they attend your back yard you will have no further problems for quite a while. As a distinguished and experienced tree contractor, we strive to make sure all of our customers are satisfied with the quality work that we provide.

Whatever kind of tree it might be, oak, pine, palm, coconut, etc, we guarantee the same high quality services every step of the way. Now, have you identified the type of tree maintenance service you are in need of?

Any need that comes under the category of tree maintenance should be entrusted to Shepherds Tree Service. Our company has set bars to limitless heights and has accomplished feats unsurpassed by market competitors. We offer tree maintenance, lawn care, tree stump removal, root rejuvenation, shrub and bush trimmings, etc. No matter what you need or when you need it, contact Shepherds Tree Service and we will always be there to help you reach your desired objectives.

We know how consumers feel about the cost of a tree care service. It greatly impacts your decision when you wander which company to chose,  when deciding whether or not a service or product is well worth the cost. If working with us, you  will get the best individually estimated value for your money, every cent of it. We make sure you get the high standards you expect from an elite company and the complete satisfaction you deserve. We provide free premium quotes and innovative cost-effective services.

We are a trustworthy tree company based in Mountain Home, AR that has been serving the local community with excellent tree trimming services over the last 30 years.Give us a call at (870) 706-0955 and check out why so many people trust us for their tree maintenance needs.

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